COVID-19 update: Sendle continues to deliver! Find out what we are doing to ensure your shipments are delivered reliably and safely.

I am a sender

Sending a parcel? We’ll support you from pickup to delivery.

Getting started

How pickup and delivery works: from getting a quote to sending your parcel.

Sending a parcel

Send your first parcel - packaging, labelling and all the inbetweens!

Parcel travelling

How to track and manage your parcel once it's on the move.

There's a problem with my parcel

Uh oh! These articles will help you through sticky situations.

My parcel is going international

Tips for sending your parcel internationally.

Platform Integrations

Connect your eCommerce platform to Sendle.

Billing and payments

Sendle payments, invoices and what you’ll see on your account.

Manage my account

Email preferences, account settings and technical difficulties.

I am a receiver

Getting a parcel in the mail? Let’s make it as smooth as possible.

Receiving a parcel

Track and manage your parcel while it's on its way to you.

There is a problem with my parcel

What to do if something goes wrong when you're expecting a parcel.

Manage my account

Account settings and email preferences.

About Sendle

Everything you need to know about door-to-door delivery.

Sendle delivery model

Our delivery partners, delivery model and our 100% carbon neutral promise.

Sendle pricing and plans

All your pricing options for using Sendle.


Sendle's 2-Day Delivery Guarantee and Price Guarantee.

Get in touch

Got some feedback? No problem.

The legal stuff

Our T&Cs, privacy policy and good legal stuff.

Get instant support

If something goes wrong with your delivery or you need to make a change to your order, use the Sendle Toolbox on the parcel tracking page.

Access Support Tools
You will need your Sendle reference number.

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