COVID-19 update: Sendle continues to deliver! Find out what we are doing to ensure your shipments are delivered reliably and safely.

International delivery estimates

Our delivery estimates are there to help you get an idea on what day your orders are expected to be delivered, giving you peace of mind. 

This article will help you understand international delivery estimates with Sendle, and learn where to go to find more detailed tracking information on international orders.

Estimated delivery timeframe

The delivery time for international sends coming from Australia can vary depending on the destination: 


How it works

When a parcel is booked, we’ll provide you with an estimated delivery timeframe. This will give you an idea of how long parcels typically take to travel the route of your parcel, but keep in mind that this isn’t a guaranteed delivery date.

If the receiver needs tracking information, we’ve bundled it up in this article.

If the parcel is running late

  • If it’s within two days of the ETA, just sit tight – it won’t be far away!
  • If it’s been two business days from the last day of the ETA window, we recommend contacting your local postal authority to check on its whereabouts. When speaking to them, refer to the local reference number (you can find this on the tracking page) to help them locate your order.
  • Once a parcel has arrived in its destination country, the local postal authority for that country will deliver it – which means they control the final delivery date (and we can’t always track it for you, sorry!)

COVID-19 changes to international orders: 

Due to flight and travel restrictions as a result of the current pandemic and foreign exchange rates, we’ve had to adapt our pricing for international orders. 

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If something goes wrong with your delivery or you need to make a change to your order, use the Sendle Toolbox on the parcel tracking page.

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