My international parcel is in the wrong country

This article will help you understand how international routing works with Sendle, and why seeing your parcel show up in an unexpected country on the tracking page is nothing to worry about.

Bon voyage, parcel!

When a parcel travels internationally with Sendle, the route is always optimised to ensure the fastest, smoothest and most efficient delivery possible. 

Sometimes, this means that it won’t just simply leave Australia, and appear in the destination country – it may take an interesting stopover or two.

Why the weird route?

The reason for this can vary, but usually it’s simply because a particular route (even if it looks bizarre) has always been the fastest way to get an item to its destination.

But, like a well-oiled logistics machine, your parcel will always be kept moving as efficiently as possible. 

In many cases, the tracking will soon show that it's well on its way again, but if you’re concerned, check out this article about tracking parcels traveling internationally.

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