International postal and customs authorities

When you send internationally, you may need to communicate with the postal authorities in the country you’re sending to about customs and processes. 

Sendle partners with all of the major postal networks around the globe – they’re the ones who will be responsible for completing the last-mile of all Sendle deliveries. Postal and customs authorities typically work very closely together to ensure your parcel is delivered safely.

It’s always best to speak with these authorities directly for more detailed information. They will have much better visibility into the whereabouts and status of the parcel once it has arrived, and can provide specific information into their unique delivery processes.

This article will explain when you should contact the different authorities:

Find the postal or customs authority 

Here’s a guide to finding the right postal or customs authority to contact for your parcel’s destination country.

When to contact the postal authority

  1. When it has been two business days from the last date of your parcel’s ETA window and your parcel has received no further tracking updates.
  2. You or your receiver would like to leave specific delivery instructions for the parcel. Please note that this is not available in all destination countries, and it depends on the postal provider's normal processes. 
  3. You would like to receive more information on a specific tracking event. 

When to contact the customs authority

  1. You or the receiver would like to better understand the customs processes in the destination country.
  2. Your parcel is showing that it is currently held in customs, or your receiver knows that their parcel is being held in customs.
  3. You would like to receive more information on a specific tracking event. 

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