Can I set up returns with Sendle?

If you have sent a parcel and the receiver wants to return it to you, you can organise a return through Sendle.

This means you’ll be the one organising the booking details and handling payment.

But remember: if you’re the one booking the order, the responsibility falls on you (even though the other person is actually sending the parcel).

It’s a lot easier if the other person just signs up for a free Sendle account!

But if that’s not the case, here’s how to organise a return through Sendle:

  1. Book the parcel as per usual from your dashboard, but use your address as the delivery address and their address as the pick up one.
  2. Email the label to the actual sender by downloading the PDF on the ‘Order detail’ screen on your dashboard.
  3. Make sure they have a printer available.
  4. Ensure the label is properly attached to the parcel (a good idea is to ask for a photo).  

Keep in mind

  • The person with the Sendle account will be the one receiving the pickup reminder email (this might not be the actual sender for that particular send, particularly if you're booking the parcel from your account)
  • If you put down your email address as the receiver too, you’ll get receiver tracking information sent straight to your inbox
  • If the courier refuses pickup, we won't be able to refund you 

Useful information to give the ‘sender’:

And some for you to take a squiz at:


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