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Sendle's base ‘Standard’ rate is way cheaper than our competitors’, and the best part is – we’ll reward you with even more savings, the more you spend!

Our rewards program is awesome, and it’s called Ship & Save. This article will explain how it works, when we launch it on 1 August 2023 (check out the landing page too)!

What is Ship & Save?

Ship & Save is Sendle’s approach to pricing and loyalty rewards, and it works by giving you percentage discounts on our already-low standard rates when you ship more parcels with us. 

4-week spending period

When you sign up with Sendle, your spend will be recorded for 4 weeks (or 28 days). If you’ve met the minimum spend amount for your savings level by the end of that 4-week spending period, you will stay at your current level for the next 4 weeks. Keep in mind that even if you level up, your 4-week spending period end date won't change.

Every dollar you spend with Sendle counts towards your Ship & Save level – domestic and international shipping, and even things like Extra Cover.

For a full rundown of the nitty gritty of Ship & Save, head to the T&Cs.

Savings levels

The savings levels are simply tiers that reflect where you’re levelled within the Ship & Save loyalty program. They’re indicative of how much you spend, as well as the percentage discount you get for every parcel you send with us. The super special level 7 is something to work towards!

Savings level 4-week minimum spend Discount off standard rates
1 $50 Up to 18%
2 $100 Up to 19%
3 $500 Up to 21%
4 $1,000 Up to 49%
5 $2,000 Up to 50%
6 $4,000 Up to 55%
7 $10,000 Super secret savings! *

* Contact us to find out more if you're sending 200+ parcels a month!

Savings level adjustments

Levelling up
If you reach the minimum spend for a higher savings level during your 4-week spending period,  your account will be upgraded to the higher savings level the very next day. We call this ‘levelling up’. Your 4-week spending period end date won't change though!

Levelling down
If you don’t meet the minimum spend for a savings level within your 4-week spending period, we’ll give you another 4-week grace period at your current level. If you still haven’t met the minimum spend after the extra 4 weeks (8 in total), your level will go down.

Stay in the loop

We’ll always keep you updated on when you level up or if you’re at risk of levelling down via in-app dashboard notifications or email. See exactly how much you’ve spent (and how much you’ve saved!) by going to the Ship & Save page in your Sendle dashboard (it'll be in the main navigation).

You can manage all notifications for Ship & Save in your Sendle dashboard too! Just head to Settings > Notifications > ‘Ship & Save Milestones’ to get as many or as little updates as you like.

Already a Sendler?

Here’s what to expect when you move to Ship & Save:

We’ll calculate your starting level by looking at your shipping spend over the past 4-week period, or map you to your savings level based on your current Sendle plan (whichever will result in the highest savings level for you).

Old plan

Ship & Save starting level

Sendle Standard

Sendle Standard

Sendle Premium

Level 2

Sendle Pro

Level 5

Sendle Plus

Level 6

Sendle will match bands from other providers

We know you want the best deal for your business. If you're new to Sendle and coming from Australia Post MyPost Business Band 3, we’ll put you on Ship & Save savings level 4. On Band 5 with Australia Post? We'll pop you on savings level 6. 

If you shipped with another provider, just share your shipping transaction history with us (via live chat message or our contact form) and we’ll match the level for you. If you're eyeing off Level 4 or above (that's spending $4k per month on shipping) get in touch.

Heads up: we can only match savings level once per year.


Get instant support with the Sendle Toolbox

If something goes wrong with your delivery or you need to make a change to your order, use the tools in the Manage Parcel section on the parcel tracking page.

Access Support Tools
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to access your parcel's tracking page.

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