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Sendle business accounts

Sendle is built for businesses like yours. Which means our business accounts have been created to support you in the best way possible. 

With batch-import, simple tracking and superb support, thousands of businesses are discovering that parcel delivery can be enjoyable and easy with Sendle.

What are the business accounts?

Sendle has two business accounts, tailored to your delivery needs. 

Sendle Premium

The Sendle Premium account is for businesses who are sending a consistent number of parcels every week, on average for eight weeks at a time (up to 200 parcels per month). If you drop below that – no worries! We’ll automatically pop you over to our Standard plan. 

As a sender, you can save $1 on every parcel with Premium compared to the Standard plan. For a full list of prices and comparisons, go here.

Sendle Pro

Sendle Pro is available for businesses sending 200+ parcels per month. 

How to set up a business account

Setting up your business account is easy!

Here’s how:

If you haven’t got a Sendle account yet

  1. Sign up with an email and a password (it’s free!).
  2. Choose the option for ‘business’.
  3. Follow the prompts from there.

If you have a free Sendle account already and want to upgrade

  1. Check that you’re sending at least five parcels a week for the last eight weeks
  2. Contact the Sendle small business team and let them know you’d like to upgrade your account 

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