How to label the parcel

Sendle uses printable labels so parcels can be tracked all the way from the sender to the receiver. Without labels, parcels can’t be tracked and they’ll get lost! 

So we’ve included all the information you need to make sure you label your parcels correctly.

How to get a label

When you complete your Sendle order, a label will be generated for you to download and print (hand-written labels won’t be accepted). 

You have two size options for Sendle labels:

  • A4 (210mm x 297mm), or
  • Cropped (150mm x 100mm)

How to label your parcel:

  1. Labels must be printed and firmly attached to the front of your parcel.
  2. Do not resize, shrink or edit your label in any way.
  3. Your label's barcode must be clear and defined (if it’s blurry or smudged, your label may not be scannable – and this might delay collection, delivery or prevent tracking scans).

Keep these things in mind

  • Labels cannot be hand-written. If you don't have a printer available, here’s what to do – just remember you have 28 days until the label expires
  • Your label will have a barcode and some address information. However, you can choose to hide your address from the label
  • If you can’t print the label before the scheduled pickup day, you’ll need to cancel the order (jump over here to find out how to do it), and rebook it for a later date when you can print the label. If the pickup agent attempts to collect the parcel and there is no label on it, they won’t be able to take it with them (and you’ll be charged for that order) 

If you’ve labeled your parcel correctly but it doesn’t scan

If you’ve followed the instructions above, but your label isn’t scanning when the courier picks it up, it could be because of a few reasons, and we’ve outlined more information in this article.

Do labels expire?

Yes, Sendle labels must be used within 28 days of booking.

If you use an expired label, one of two things will happen:

  • Your package will be delivered (and you may incur an additional fee), or
  • Your package will be returned to you (and you may receive a return-to-sender fee).

Do a practice run-through!

Be super prepared by doing a label test-run. 

We’ve put together some test labels that you can download and print here:

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