Ship & Save Terms & Conditions

Supplementary Terms


These Terms and Conditions are additional terms that apply to Sendle’s Ship & Save program (Ship & Save). They are supplementary to the general Terms & Conditions.

By participating in Ship and Save, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in:

(a) these Terms and Conditions;

(b) the Sendle general Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions, if there's any inconsistency between any of the above documents, the earlier mentioned document will take precedence to the extent of that inconsistency.

1. Eligibility

1.1. By opening and maintaining a Sendle account, and subject to your acceptance of these supplementary Terms (defined below) as well as Sendle’s general Terms and Conditions, you will be automatically registered for Ship & Save.

1.2. Your eligibility for Ship & Save will start once you have opened your Sendle account and after you have verified your email address.

1.3. Once you have been registered for Ship & Save, and except for any special or introductory offers by Sendle, your starting Ship & Save savings level will be ‘Standard’. Thereafter, your 4-week spending period will begin. Each 4 weeks, the spending period will reset. When you purchase shipping products via Sendle, your savings level will increase based on the minimum spend threshold for each savings level. If your spending is under the minimum spending threshold at the end of any 4-week spending period, your Ship & Save Saving Level will go down.

2. Ship & Save

2.1. Savings Levels

Your Savings Level will be determined by the amount you spend with Sendle over a recurring 4-week period (the first of which starts on your activation with Sendle, and which resets every 4 weeks thereafter), as per the table below:

Savings level Minimum spend (per 4-week period)
Standard $0
Level 1 $50
Level 2 $100
Level 3 $500
Level 4 $1,000
Level 5 $2,000
Level 6 $4,000
Level 7 $8,000 

2.2 Sendle products and services that contribute to Ship & Save Savings Levels include but are not limited to:

  • Sendle Domestic parcel shipments
  • Sendle International parcel shipments
  • Sendle ‘Unlimited’ satchel purchases 
  • Domestic shipments booked as a Return 
  • Sendle Express shipments
  • Sendle 250g Pouch shipments
  • Sendle Extra Cover
  • Fuel surcharge costs

2.3 Sendle products and services that do not contribute to Ship & Save Savings Levels include but are not limited to:

  • Under-declaring adjustment charges (where the parcel is booked as a smaller size than it is weighed at the depot)
  • Oversized penalty fees
  • Fees incurred by ‘Return to Sender’ parcels (deemed by the courier)
  • Compostable satchel purchases

2.4 Cancelled orders will not contribute to Ship & Save spend.

2.5 Orders that have been paid for in full and refunded at Sendle’s discretion will remain as a contributor in the Ship & Save spend balance.

2.6 Changes to products and services

We reserve the right at any time to add new products and services and/or delete products and services that contribute to Savings Levels on the Ship & Save program, and to change the eligibility of these products.

If any changes to Sendle’s products and services are made under this clause, notification will be provided either by email and/or via and/or the Ship & Save dashboard page. 

3. Savings benefits

3.1 Ship & Save percentage savings is determined by the type of parcel being booked and the route the parcel is taking to get to the receiver. 

For a full list of prices, go to Sendle’s pricing page.

3.2. The Ship & Save savings percentage which will be applied to eligible Sendle services will be determined by your Savings Level applicable at the time of purchase.

3.3 If you book a parcel as a ‘Return’, you will be charged the usual Sendle price in accordance with your current Sendle Savings Level. This will also contribute to your 4-week spend amount.

4. Savings Level adjustments

4.1 Levelling up: Once you have reached the minimum spend for your Savings Level anytime within a 4-week spending period, Sendle will move you up to the next Savings Level. Customers can move higher than one Savings Level at a time if their minimum spend reaches a higher Savings Level minimum. 

4.2 Subject to system capacity, customers will be able to access the new Savings Level discounts within 24 hours of being levelled up (including weekends and public holidays).

4.3 Levelling down: If a customer does not meet their minimum spend threshold within a 4-week spending period, Sendle will grant them an additional 4 weeks on the current level. 

4.4 If you do not meet the minimum spend of the level you’re currently on within the subsequent 4-week spending period, you will move down one level, even if your spend is lower than that level. 

4.5 Sendle will endeavour to notify you via email and within the Sendle dashboard if you have levelled up, as well as if you have not met the minimum spend requirement within your 4-week spending period.

4.6 We reserve the right to not reduce your Savings Level for a period of time as we see fit and at our sole discretion.

4.7 Where you are assigned to a new Savings Level, your adjusted discount will be applied to your eligible purchases at the rate applicable to your new Savings Level from the next day.

5. Ship & Save eligibility

5.1 Ship & Save discounts are not transferable and cannot be used with any other promotion or offer. You may only use Ship & Save if it’s for your own personal or business sending, and spend is not combined with other businesses not directly owned or managed by you.

5.2 We reserve the right to cancel or change the Ship & Save program, as well as the discount savings and/or minimum spend requirements applicable to each Savings Level and/or the number of Savings Levels at any time.

5.3 We reserve the right to claim back from you, including by addition of any sums due to your Sendle Ship & Save account, any Savings which you may have claimed to which you are not entitled.

5.4 We may at our discretion refuse to provide Ship & Save discounted pricing to you if you fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions or Sendle’s general Terms and Conditions.

6. General

6.1 We may vary these Terms and Conditions at any time, giving notice by email or via the Sendle dashboard.

6.2 We collect your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

7. Definitions

7.1 Ship & Save: The loyalty program designed by Sendle that uses Savings Levels to give customers discounts determined by how much they spend on Sendle products and services, and governed by these Terms and Conditions. 

7.2 Savings Levels: The percentage of savings applied, or the fixed pricing (depending on your spend with Sendle) applicable to your purchases of eligible Sendle products and services according to your Savings Level entitlement under the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

7.3 Spend: The commonly accepted abbreviation for ‘expenditure’.

7.4 Sendle products and services: Refers to the products and services available for you to purchase using your Sendle account as listed in clause 2.2 and in the Sendle pricing page, as may be revised and updated from time to time. 

7.5 4-week spending period: The 28 consecutive days following activation of your Sendle account (or when Ship & Save came into effect for your eligible Sendle account). Each 4 weeks, this 4-week spending period will reset and start again.

7.6 Sendle Cover and Extra Cover: Relates to the cover provided and offered by Sendle for eligible parcels. More details are in our Sendle Cover and Extra Cover Terms and Conditions.

7.7 Return labels: Return labels have the Sender’s details as the receiver, and the Receiver’s details as the sender. Sendle customers only pay for return labels when they’re used by the Receiver and they are only available within Australia.

7.8  Sendle ‘Unlimited’ satchel: Is the compostable satchel product bought from the Sendle store, sent with the ‘satchel’ common size in the Sendle dashboard. There’s no weight limit, however, the parcel contents must fit within the A4 sized Unlimited Satchel (that’s 335mm x 245mm).

7.9 Sendle Express: Sendle’s express delivery option within Australia. More info on our help centre or on the pricing page

7.10 Sendle 250g Pouch: The smallest parcel delivery size offered by Sendle. Some limitations apply – for more info check out our help centre.

7.11 Adjustment charges: A balancing charge applied to a customer invoice when a parcel was booked at a smaller size than it was measured at the depot. More info on the help centre.

7.12 Oversize penalty fee: A flat fee when a parcel is found to be over the maximum weight and size limitations as set out by Sendle. This fee is subject to updates and revisions as Sendle sees fit. 

7.13 Compostable satchels: Compostable satchels bought from the Sendle store alone do not contribute to Sendle Ship & Save Savings Levels, however if used in conjunction with a Sendle parcel delivery service, the Sendle postage cost will contribute to Ship & Save Savings Levels. 

7.14 Domestic shipments: Refers to parcels sent with Sendle within Australia, as set out on our pricing page.

7.15 International shipments: Refers to parcels sent with Sendle overseas, within the zones set out by Sendle on our pricing page.

7.16 Refunds: When Sendle refunds the cost of parcel delivery at their discretion (does not include cancelled orders that have not been paid for in full). More info on how Sendle refunds work.

7.17 Cancelled orders: Refers to eligible Sendle orders cancelled via the Sendle dashboard prior to pickup.

7.18 Return to Sender: A delivery event triggered by a courier, when the parcel was not able to be delivered to the receiver. 

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