Why can’t I send to post offices and PO boxes?

You might be wondering why you can’t choose to Sendle parcels to a post office or PO box. This article will explain why that is and what we offer instead (hint: it’s better), as well as why we need a physical street address for all Sendle deliveries. 

A physical street address is required for all Sendle deliveries

We specialise in door-to-door delivery, which is why we need a physical street address. If a receiver is not home to sign for a parcel, it will either be left at the premises in a safe spot, delivered to a nearby location for collection or made available for a free redelivery.

The deal with post offices and PO boxes

Sendle can’t deliver to Australia Post-owned properties (this includes post offices, PO boxes, locked bags, parcel lockers or parcel collect locations) because Australia Post restricts delivery to these locations.

Collection points are what we use instead

Collection points may include newsagents or service stations. These are offered as delivery locations  It's important to us that every parcel completes its Sendle journey safe and sound, but sometimes there are locations that may not have nearby collection points to make this possible. If this is the case, Sendle may opt to have these parcels returned to the sender. 

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