Are there surcharges?

Our biggest mission is to make sending parcels easier, simpler and more affordable. That’s why the only time there might be a surcharge with Sendle is when the receiver is in a remote area. 

Surcharges could be shown as a flat cost, or based on the weight of the item, or it may be a combination of both. This depends on how our delivery partners apply it.

But don’t worry – you can easily check if any of these will apply to the order long before you confirm your booking.

The good news is that our national and same city networks include a lot more postcodes now, reaching further than other postal networks!

Here’s how to check if your receiver is in a remote area:

  • Login to your Sendle dashboard
  • Click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab in your left navigation menu
  • Click the ‘get quote’ button at the top
  • Pop in the receiver’s suburb you want to check and select the size your want to send
  • Look out for the little helicopter under the ‘Create order’ button on the order page
  • Any surcharges will be identified in the order summary (nothing is hidden!)


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