Sendle's satchels explained

Sendle has a dedicated satchel sending option for smaller, lighter items. And the best part is, there’s no need to prepay or bulk-buy – simply pay for what you send. 

Heads up: the item/s you send don’t have to be packaged in an actual satchel – it just needs to meet the size and weight requirements.

When you select the ‘satchel’ option in the Sendle dashboard, you have the following options for packaging:

1. The Unlimited Satchel

This option is for Sendle’s home compostable A4 Satchels, which you can get through our satchel store. These can be used when shipping from the Sendle dashboard or via the Shopify integration. 

Even though you choose the ‘satchel’ option when booking, there’s no weight limit with this option. However, the contents must fit within the A4 sized Unlimited Satchel (that’s 335mm x 245mm).

  • Packaging requirements
    To take advantage of The Unlimited Satchel option, you must use Sendle’s home compostable A4 Satchels. Please take precautions when packing. Our satchels are built to be durable, but they’re not invincible – overstuffing them may cause them to break. Find all our general packaging guidelines here.
  • How much does The Unlimited Satchel cost?
    First off, you need to purchase your pack of Unlimited Satchels from the satchel store. Then, sending them is the same price as our regular 500g satchel: which starts at $4.98 (ex. GST). Have a look at full pricing for satchels here.
  • Is a signature included?
    No. All satchels, including The Unlimited Satchel, are automatically labelled as ‘Authority to Leave’, which means they don’t require a signature. 
  • Can I use it for my international shipments?
    This Unlimited Satchel product is only for domestic shipping within Australia. Feel free to use our Compostable Satchels also for your international parcels, however, make sure to declare the actual size of it.
  • Pickup limitations
    Pickups for The Unlimited Satchel are not currently available in Hobart, Launceston, Latrobe Valley, Mackay, Port Macquarie, Tamworth, Cairns, Bendigo and Albury, Northern Rivers.

2. Use your own packaging (Regular satchel)

With the regular satchel option, you can use any packaging you like (just make sure it meets our guidelines). Your parcel can be any width or length, but the contents must be under 500g / 4L (0.002m3).

  • How much do these cost?
    Satchels can be sent nationwide for low rates, starting from $4.98 (ex. GST). This includes the pickup, tracking and fuel levies (you can also get a quick estimate quote from your dashboard, or view all pricing for satchels here).
  • Packaging requirements
    The ‘satchel’ must be under 500g / 4L (0.002m3) – which is about the same size as an A4 satchel. You can buy your own satchels from your favourite packaging or office supply shop, but it can also be a box or a soft bag (padded is fine).

The finer details

  • Are satchel labels pre-paid?
    There’s no need to prepay or bulk-buy when you send a regular ‘satchel’. When you book online, you’ll be given a label to download and attach to your satchel. The best part is that you only pay for what you book.
  • What cover is available?
    Cover is available for satchels. The level of coverage is the same for satchels as for every other size on Sendle. Read more here.
  • If your item fits into a regular satchel but weighs more than 500g… can it be booked as a satchel?
    Short answer: no. If your item is bigger than 500g, it must be booked as a ‘handbag size’ or whatever other option best suits the size of the parcel (depending on the weight and volume). 
    Another great option is The Unlimited Satchel, which we’ve explained in more detail at the top of this article and you can purchase them at our satchel store :)
  • Can a box or container go in the satchel?
    Yes, provided that the satchel can close and is no heavier than 500g / 4L for the regular satchel and no bigger than our Unlimited Satchel (if you’re using that option).
  • Can a small box be sent as a satchel size?
    Yes, as long as it fits in the satchel you’ve chosen to use. And remember for regular satchels, these need to weigh under 500g / less than 4L (0.002m3) in cubic volume.
  • Can I send the Unlimited Satchel using the Express Service?
    At the moment, sending satchels is not supported by our Express service. But no worries, you can still send Express parcels if they are booked as these common sizes: 'Handbag', 'Shoebox' or 'Briefcase'. More information here.

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