Collection points and POPStations

You may need to pick up your delivered parcel from a collection point if the driver thinks it’s unsafe to leave your parcel unattended at the premise and there's an affiliated collection point nearby.

The driver will usually leave a collection card and take it to a secure collection point. Each of our delivery partners will have a different collection location, like a newsagents or convenience store.

This article will cover all the information you need to collect your parcel, based on the delivery partner.

Before going to collect the parcel

  • If your email was included on the original booking by the sender, you’ll also receive a collection email informing you that your parcel has been delivered to a secure location with the instructions on how to collect it. This email will also include a collection reference number, which in some cases will be needed to collect the parcel.
  • If you received a collection card, please take it with you together with your ID – to confirm your identity. In some cases, you can collect your parcel without the card, provided that you have a valid ID that shows your address.
  • Make sure you have a charged mobile phone (if you’re picking up from a POPStation) 

How to collect from Parcel Connect or POPStore:

  1. Check the email or the card left by the driver to confirm the address of your local pickup location. It will either be a Parcel Connect (supported by Fastway) or a POPStore (supported by Couriers Please).
  2. For security reasons, the parcel can only be collected by the person to whom it's addressed.
  3. Take the collection reference number (either on the card or in the email) and a current photo ID, such as a passport or Australian driver’s licence to Parcel Connect.
  4. You have five business days to collect your parcel. After five business days, your parcel will be returned to the sender.

How to collect from a POPStation

  1. Check the email or card left by the courier to confirm the address of your local POPStation (supported by Couriers Please).
  2. You need to take:
    - The card left by the driver (if you have received tracking notifications via email, you will find a reference number included in the email referencing POPStations).
    - A charged mobile phone with you.
  3. Follow the instructions at the POPStation. Using the reference number to identify you, you will be able to receive a text with a unique code that opens your parcel locker.
  4. You have five business days to collect your parcel. After five business days, your parcel will be returned to the sender.

Note: Another person can collect a parcel on your behalf from a POPStation – but you need to provide them with the above information (you will bear full responsibility for this though). 

Need more help?

If you haven't received an email or a card with the collection details, we recommend contacting the Sendle Support team with your Sendle Reference Number and they’ll help you get it sorted.

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