How to claim Sendle Cover for a lost parcel

This article will help you to understand how to claim cover if, after an investigation, your parcel has been declared as lost (if you’re after information about claiming for a damaged parcel, head over here).

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, please check that your parcel is covered by Sendle’s Cover Policy. This will make sure there aren’t any hiccups. 

You can claim cover if:

  • The contents of your parcel are covered by Sendle’s Cover Policy
  • The parcel was lost in transit: that is, it was lost after it was scanned as picked up, and before it was scanned as delivered
  • It has been no more than 20 business days since the last date in the delivery ETA range

Note: Claiming of cover is only available for 10 business days from the time our support team will send you an email notifying your eligibility for cover.

How much can you claim?

Sendle will cover the sales price of replacing lost goods up to $100 for eligible accounts (including GST), as well as the cost of delivery. 

If you have purchased Extra Cover, you can claim up to $1,500 (depending on the amount of cover you purchased and your policy limit). 

More info about Sendle Cover and Extra Cover here.

How do you claim cover?

If your parcel still cannot be found after an investigation, our support team will send you an email if you’re eligible for cover. 

From there, you will:

  • Click on the claim button on the parcel's tracking page via your dashboard – this will take you to the claims form
  • You will need to supply:
    - Details of the contents of the parcel
    - Proof of the value of the parcel (see below), and
    - Your bank details before hitting submit

This is important: If the button is disabled, it's now past the eligible claiming period. If you don't see the 'Make a claim' option in your order, it also means the parcel isn't eligible for cover.

What can be submitted as proof of value?

Cost Price
- Purchase receipt (original)
- Invoice/s of materials used to manufacture the item
- Cost invoice (If the item is not sold)
- Statutory declaration (duly signed by an approved witness)

Sales Price
- Sales receipt/invoice
- Proof of payment
- PayPal or bank transfer confirmation
- Statutory declaration (duly signed by an approved witness)

How long does a claim take?

  • You’ll hear back from our support team within 5 business days
  • If the claim is accepted, the funds will be in your account within 10-30 business days

We’ll also get in touch with you if we need more clarification or documentation to process your claim request. We’ll also let you know if your claim has been denied.  

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