What is Print In-Store?

We're currently trialling a brand new Print In-Store service – which means it's only available for some customers at this stage.

No printer? No problem! If you’re booking a Sendle parcel for drop off, then depending on where you are, you may be able to take it to a drop off location that will print the label for you. 

This article will tell you a bit more about Sendle’s Print In-Store service, and how to find out if a location near you offers it.

Does my closest drop off location have Print In-Store?

When booking a parcel using the order form on the Sendle dashboard, choose ‘I’ll drop it off’ after entering your parcel and delivery info. Your closest drop off location will be displayed, and we’ll indicate if this location has Print In-Store. 

If your closest Sendle drop off location doesn’t support Print In-Store, but another one nearby does, we’ll let you know. You can also check for other drop off locations using the filter on the drop off map to search for locations that offer Print In-Store (you can take your parcel to any of these).

Dropping off your parcel to a Print In-Store location

Once you’ve confirmed your order, each parcel’s tracking page will have a QR code and the option for you to:

  • Scan the QR code directly from the tracking page,
  • Download (or screenshot) and save the QR code as an image to your phone, or 
  • Email yourself a link to the QR code.

Just have this QR code ready at the drop off location for the staff member there to scan it and print you a label.

If the QR code doesn't work at the drop off location

You have a few options if the QR code doesn't work at the Print In-Store supported drop off location you have chosen:

  • The attendant at the drop off location can use the Sendle reference number to manually enter the parcel into their system
  • Contact Sendle support to check if the parcel was accidentally booked as pickup (we can help sort this out)

Heads up: You will be responsible for ensuring the label is correctly adhered to your parcel, and the label is used within 28 days (as per Sendle's T&Cs). 

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