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If you’re looking for more info about Sendle for eBay Label Platform (where you can order and print your parcel delivery labels directly from your eBay account), head over here.

Sendle supports eBay’s Click & Collect program, allowing customers to purchase items from eBay sellers and have it delivered to their nearest Woolworths or BIG W store.

You can use this feature through Sendle’s eBay integration – which means you can sell your items on eBay, offer the Click & Collect option to your customers and then pull those orders into Sendle (with the Click & Collect address filled out).

How to set up Click & Collect from your eBay store

It’s easy to setup Click & Collect from your eBay store, here’s how:

  1. Start by listing all eligible items for the Click & Collect program (the eBay system will apply the Click & Collect option for all eligible listings).
  2. If Click & Collect is not shown in your listings, please contact eBay for help.
  3. Then whenever your eBay customer chooses Click & Collect as their delivery option on eBay, it will automatically replace the customer’s home address with their chosen Woolworths or BIG W store address.
  4. A unique identifier (known as an ‘eCP:XXXXXXXX’ code) will be added to the customer’s second address line, to make sure the parcel is identifiable. It’ll look like this: Screen_Shot_2018-02-19_at_8.21.03_AM.png
  5. Simply print their shipping label (make sure the eCP code is clearly visible) 
  6. You can now ship their package as normal with Sendle, wahoo!

Delivery and collection

When the customer’s package is delivered to the Woolworths or BIG W store by our courier partner, eBay will notify the buyer through text or email and send them a unique collection code. The item code and the collection code are different codes, matched by Woolworths’ in-store systems.

If an item isn't collected, it may be returned to you and you may be required to issue the buyer a refund. Buyers who fail to collect an item cannot claim the item was not received.

How does it work for receivers?

  • An eBay customer can view items offered in your eBay store under the Click & Collect program via the ‘View Item Page’ and available search filter.
  • The customer is then presented with a list of Woolworths or Big W stores, starting with the nearest to their selected postcode or suburb.
  • The customer purchases the selected item with the Click & Collect option.
  • Once the item arrives at the chosen store, the customer is notified by text or email that the item is ready for collection and will receive a unique collection code. The item code and the collection code are different codes, matched by Woolworths’ in-store systems.
  • The customer goes to the collection point, provides Woolworths or BIG W staff with collection code and receives the item. The buyer is required to collect the item within 7 days.

Things to keep in mind

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when using Sendle and eBay’s Click & Collect program:

  • Sendle will transport items that are within our size and weight limits. However, eBay’s Click & Collect program has its own limits for items deemed to be too large (anything beyond 41.2cm x 50cm x 36cm) or too heavy (anything over 16kg). If something falls outside of these limits, they could be rejected upon arrival at Woolworths (and may be disposed of without reimbursement).
  • When you use Sendle’s service, you provide Sendle with a warranty that your parcel does not include any Prohibited or Dangerous Goods. Goods of this nature will not be insured and cannot be transported by our couriers.
  • There are items that aren’t included in Sendle’s dangerous and prohibited goods list, but are considered excluded goods by eBay and may not be eligible for eBay’s Click & Collect program.

Want more insight into eBay integration with Sendle? No worries:

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