Sendle Pickup Guarantee Terms & Conditions

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What is Sendle's Pickup Guarantee? 

Sendle's pickup guarantee is available to Sendle customers who use the Sendle dashboard to book deliveries:

If we do not attempt the pickup on the day it was scheduled, the following business day we will send a driver to pick up the parcel.

If for some reason we still do not attempt the pickup the business day after the scheduled day, we will refund the cost of the delivery. We will still attempt to pickup and deliver the parcel.

In the event that Sendle or one of its drivers has attempted a pickup of your parcel this guarantee will not apply. Here's the full Terms and Conditions.

What do I do if my parcel isn’t picked up on the pickup day?

Do nothing, we will automatically rebook it with a dedicated pickup driver for the following business day.

Does it apply to all my parcels?

Yes, the guarantee applies to all of your Sendle parcels that have been booked via the Sendle dashboard, and as long as you're an eligible Sendle account holder. However, if you’ve scheduled a regular pick up with a carrier directly, the responsibility for missed pickups will lie with that carrier.

What if the driver tries to pick up and isn’t able to collect the parcel?

The guarantee does not apply if Sendle or one of its drivers has attempted a pickup of your parcel, even if this did not result in Sendle collecting your parcel. This might happen for a number of reasons, such as when there is no-one at home, there are no goods to go, the instructions provided were incomplete and the driver can’t find your address or they cannot access the premises (e.g. locked gates, dogs, wild kangaroos - yes, that happened once!)

If an attempted pickup has occurred, this will be shown in your tracking pages.

If this happens, you can get in touch with Sendle to reschedule your pickup. Once you do this the scheduled pickup date will be updated to the new business date that you specify. The Pickup Guarantee will still apply, but from this new scheduled pickup date.

What if the driver doesn’t scan the parcel on pickup?

In some cases, because we are using a point-to-point pickup service to pick up your parcels, they may not have a scanner (this is how some of the point-to-point drivers work). Not to worry, they will be taking the parcel directly to the depot, where it will be scanned on receipt.

How do I claim on the guarantee?

As long as you're a Sendle account holder and the booking was made via the Sendle dashboard, as part of our guarantee we will automatically rebook the parcel pickup with a pickup driver the next business day after the scheduled pickup day.

If your parcel still isn’t picked up on this day, we would be happy to refund the cost of the delivery to your account. Contact us here to claim this refund.

Note that we will still try to pick up the parcel if you would like us to.

Is there an additional cost for this guarantee?

No, we just believe in taking responsibility and doing what we said we would do. This is included in the price.

Who will be picking up the parcel?

If we miss the parcel on the scheduled pickup date, we will send one of our drivers to pick up the parcel the following business day. 

If the original carrier is unable to pick up the parcel that day, we will send a dedicated driver who will identify themselves as working for Sendle and know the parcel reference for the parcel to be picked up. 

When does the guarantee not apply?

If you’ve arranged a regular pickup, then the Pickup Guarantee does not apply to non-express parcels. A ‘regular pickup’ is when you organise directly with a carrier to come on a regular schedule. We won’t automatically rebook missed pickups because it would interfere with your regular pickup, but you can always contact us and we’ll sort it out for you.

If you have a Ship & Save account on level 5, 6 or 7 and/or have a regularly scheduled pickup, then your non-express parcels are not covered by the Pickup Guarantee. Please contact us to let us know about missed pickups and we’ll sort it out for you.

Sendle Express parcels are always covered by the Pickup Guarantee, regardless of your account level or whether you have regularly scheduled pickups or not.

Pickup Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Read the full Pickup Guarantee terms and conditions.

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