The international parcel I'm receiving hasn't arrived yet

Expecting an international delivery and wondering why it hasn’t arrived yet? This article will clear things up for you. 

Tracking visibility

Here are the different ways you can track a Sendle parcel: 

  • Via the simple tracking page ( using the Sendle reference number 
  • Email notifications (if the sender used your email address when making the booking) 
  • In the Sendle dashboard if you have a Sendle account

Once the parcel has left Australia, it will be assigned a local reference number by the local post office of the destination country. You’ll need this number to communicate with the local delivery courier and to track your parcel. 

Keep in mind there won’t be any tracking updates while the parcel is in the air or with customs, so it’s normal for there to be a period of no tracking.

If the parcel is late

If it’s been more than two business days since the delivery estimate date and you’re worried the parcel hasn’t arrived yet, the quickest and easiest thing to do is:

  • Check the tracking information on your country’s postal authority website (from this list)
  • There’s some important information that only these authorities will be able to provide, such as:
  • Information about customs, import tax and duties payable or how to request specific delivery instructions
  • Enquiries about where the parcel is or why it has been held up, or what is going on.
  • And remember: when speaking to the postal or customs authority, refer to the local reference number (which can be found on your tracking page, it is separate to your Sendle tracking code) to help them locate your order.

It might be stuck in customs

It could be held in customs because:

  • The local customs authority needs to better understand what is in your parcel, and what you intend to use it for
  • The parcel is considered high-value, and so an import duty needs to be paid

If your tracking page shows that your parcel is ‘Held in Customs’, here’s what to do:

  • You will need to wait until your local customs authority contacts you to obtain the additional information they need to clear the parcel
  • If you haven’t been contacted by the relevant customs agency for seven business days after that scanning event appeared, then you can contact them directly to inquire about its status

Most Sendle parcels will clear customs quite easily, and our article on customs requirements will explain why this is.

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