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If you’re sending a parcel and want to learn more about the Sendle Toobox, head over here

Our aim is to make parcel delivery simple and seamless. From day one, we set out to fix the pain points of parcel delivery and we haven’t stopped since. We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience and make the whole process of delivery enjoyable.

Say hello to the Sendle Toolbox!

We’ve created the Sendle Toolbox so you can manage your parcel with ease. 

The Toolbox is a bunch of quick, easy to use, in-dashboard tools that allow you to make changes or launch an investigation in a matter of minutes (without having to lodge a support ticket or wait on a response). 

What you can do with the Sendle Toolbox

Here’s a quick rundown of all the ways you can manage your parcel with the Sendle Toolbox. 

Parcel enquiries

  • You can track down a parcel that you have not received (but is marked as ‘delivered’ by the driver)
  • Track down a parcel that hasn’t been delivered by the estimated delivery date

Request redelivery (updated details needed)

Request a redelivery if the delivery details have been entered incorrectly the first time around (for example: if the apartment number has been left off when entering the street address and need to include this detail for a successful delivery).

Request redelivery (card left)

Arrange for a redelivery free of charge, if a delivery was attempted but no one was home to receive the parcel (for example: the delivery driver did not have authority to leave the parcel and you weren’t home to sign for it).   

Parcel received

Let us know when you’ve received your parcel so our support team can close any pending investigations.  

Using the Sendle Toolbox

1. First, log in to the Sendle dashboard (if you don’t have one yet – you can sign up by visiting our website!)


2. Select one of your parcels, and within the parcel tracking page you’ll see a new section — “Manage parcel”.


3. This is your Sendle Toolbox! Depending on where your parcel is in its journey, you’ll see a few different options from the list above in the drop-down menu (we’ll only show you what’s relevant at any given point).


4. Once you select your tool, you’ll be asked to enter a few details. This information will be sent to the driver and our support team, so it’s important that everything is entered accurately. 


5. Enter all your details and submit your request (the big orange button will do it!).


6. You’ll receive a notification that your request has been received.

What happens next?

Any change you make with the Sendle Toolbox will be logged and updated in your tracking history, where you can follow the status of your delivery.  


For parcel investigations, all updates and the outcome of the search will be logged on your tracking page. You will also receive a confirmation email that we’re on the case, including your investigation reference number. 

If you need more help

We believe parcel delivery should be simple, reliable and affordable – so we’ve designed the Sendle Toolbox to give you an even better experience sending and receiving parcels.  

But we also know that sometimes you just need to speak with a human!

The good news is that the people-powered Sendle support team haven’t gone anywhere – we’re still here if you need us for some of the trickier things.

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