Can I change the delivery address?

At this stage we don’t offer a redirection option once the parcel is in transit to its destination. 

This is for a few reasons: any changes to the delivery address means the parcel will need to be found among thousands of others at the right depot (and there are lots of depots!) and at the exact right time. Not to mention a new label would need to be printed, attached and potentially a driver would need to be stopped while the parcel is already in the van. Phew, that’s a lot of variables.

So you can see why this isn’t something we’d be able to guarantee, as it’d be unreliable and unsuccessful. And we like certainty in our lives. 

What is a redirection?

A redirection is a change of delivery address once the parcel has been picked up.

If the parcel cannot be delivered

If there’s a problem with the delivery address and the driver is unable to deliver, the parcel will go back to the depot. This article will be helpful if that’s the case!

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