Receiver notifications

We know that you’re probably getting a bazillion emails in your inbox every day… that’s why we never spam and only send the good stuff.

This article will let you know what emails you can unsubscribe from and how to do it.

Parcel and account-related notifications

If the sender used your email address in the Sendle order, you'll get emails about your parcel delivery. Our tracking emails will typically show up in your inbox to let you know that your parcel has been picked up or if you have any notifications about delivery (as well as any action items related to your parcel).

We want to keep the lines of communication open (and these emails are important to get your parcel delivered efficiently), which is why we don’t offer unsubscribe functionality on these ones.

Tracking page

This is where we post all tracking updates related to your parcel’s movements. We may also leave you notes from our team on the status of pickups, investigations, and deliveries. If the sender used your email address in the booking, you'll get a link to this page in any tracking emails we send.

Marketing emails

These are typically sent from ‘Sendle HQ’ and keep you up-to-date on all the news, perks and updates to the Sendle business, as well as handy tips and tricks you can use to maximise your Sendle benefits. You'll only see these if you have signed up for a Sendle account. 

There are a few options to manage your preferences:

  1. If you scroll to the bottom of a marketing email, you’ll find two links.
  2. One is ‘Manage preferences’ and you can pick and choose which emails you’d prefer to receive from us.
  3. One is ‘Unsubscribe’ and this one will remove you from our email lists.  

Before you cut us loose

How about trying a filter option in the email account you use? It’s usually found under ‘Settings’ and this function will instantly move your emails into correct folders so you can read them later. No rush and no deleted emails, hooray!

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