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Parcel delivered without a signature

You’ve booked a parcel and set the delivery instructions to ‘Signature on delivery’, so it can be confusing when the driver leaves the parcel unattended (without getting the receiver’s signature).

This can happen for a few reasons:

  • The driver might have used their judgment and left it at the delivery location, as they often have relationships with the receivers (and have an agreement about where to leave the parcel if the receiver isn’t home) 
  • The driver might have scanned the parcel incorrectly by mistake, without realising they should have got a signature
  • If the delivery instructions were left blank, the driver can often interpret it as authority to leave the parcel unattended
  • Occasionally, if the delivery is to a remote area (where it’s not easy to reach the house), the driver can leave the parcel on the property – usually there is an agreement between the driver and the receiver if this is the case

If the parcel was delivered but can’t be found, head over to this article for more information on what to do next.

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