What does ‘Left with agent’ mean?

When you’re sending or receiving a parcel, sometimes your tracking page will show ‘Left with agent’ when the parcel couldn’t be delivered. 

It could be because the road was closed, the driver couldn’t access the property, it was unsafe to leave the parcel unattended or no one was home to sign for it.

‘Left with agent’ simply means the driver took it to a collection point close to the receiver’s delivery address. 

The driver usually leaves a card with instructions for collection. You can find more information about this here.

If you can’t find the card

If the parcel’s tracking page says ‘Left with agent’ but you can’t find the collection card, we recommend: 

  • The receiver check their emails for the notification that includes collection instructions (subject line is: ‘Organise a redelivery of your parcel from…’)
  • If the receiver’s email wasn’t used in the original booking, then contact the sender for this information.


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