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Shopify App in Shopify Marketplace for live quoting

This app is a third-party App (not developed by Sendle) and is available on Shopify’s marketplace. This App, once downloaded and installed correctly, can assist real-time quoting of shipping rates from Sendle. However, this app does not assist with printing a Sendle Label. 

It is only for live-quoting in your shopping cart and you do not need to install this app if you wish to offer flat-rate or free shipping. It currently only works for Australian Shopify stores.

It has been developed by a third-party, however, we want to answer those frequently asked questions (FAQ's) by our customers, and provide you with quick answers. 

Please note it does not link or relate to our Shopify dashboard integration.

Make sure you test the app properly before pushing it live. This article includes a troubleshooting guide.

PLEASE NOTE - This app requires Carrier Calculated Shipping to be enabled for your store.

There are 3 ways to get this:

  • Change your Shopify plan to annual billing
  • Contact Shopify support and request carrier calculated shipping (the cost is $US20 per month)
  • Upgrade to the Advanced Shopify plan, or higher

This is a condition set by Shopify and you can read more about it in the Shopify knowledge base.


Sendle API
Get your Sendle API key and Sendle ID, simply follow the steps outlined in 4th section here. You will need to log in to your Sendle account to complete this. domain

This is the domain you visit to view your Shopify admin. For example: 

Installing Sendle Shipping To Your Shopify Store

1. Open your browser and click on the app page.

2. Enter your domain in the field provided and click submit.

3. Authorize the app within the Shopify app install flow, this will allow the app to provide your store with Carrier Rates.

4. Once you have approved the app and successfully added it to your store, you will be taken to the App Dashboard.


From this screen, you need to install the shipping carrier service and link your Sendle Account.

5. Click "Install Carrier" to install the shipping carrier link to your zones within Shopify. This allows your store to connect to the app when customers, during the checkout process, query prices. Without this setup, your store will not be able to receive shipping rates.

6. Click "Setup Account" to be taken to the Settings panel. You can also access this from the Settings navigation panel on the left.


Enter your Sendle API Key & Sendle ID.

You can also set a custom "Rate Title" and "Rate Description" which will be shown to your customer at checkout.

HOT TIP: Let your customer know you are shipping 100% carbon neutral with Sendle by adding that in the Rate Description field.

Once you have done this, click "Save" to validate your account and save your settings.

7. After your settings have been saved you will be taken to the App Dashboard and your details should have updated.


The live quoting is now live in your store.



If you have run through the above Setup, step by step, and your shipping rates are not showing at checkout, then please follow these instructions.

1. Check that all your products are marked to require shipping and have a weight assigned within your Shopify admin. Without this, the API won't be able to return a quote.


Check you have a shipping zone setup that includes the areas you want to service. The app supports both domestic and international shipping with Sendle but the API will only be able to return a quote if Sendle covers your location for pickup.

Domestic pickup coverage here.

International pickup coverage here.


 Add the Sendle Carrier Service to the zones you want the app to cover.


 Ensure you have linked your Sendle account through your API credentials.


5. Ensure that your shipping address has a post code and suburb that matches. 

Eg. 'Sydney, 2000' will work, but 'Sydney, 2042' or 'Pyrmont, 2000' is incorrect and the API won't be able to return a quote. 

Please note that changing the address for your Shopify store does not affect the shipping address, which is a separate field in your Shopify account.

This also goes for the delivery address. If your customer enters a mismatching suburb and post code, we won't be able to return a quote via API.

HOT TIP: If you are just shipping domestically in Australia, you could consider changing the checkout-address field from 'city' (default) to 'suburb'. 

If you have run through these steps and you are still having issues please email


Adding a markup to your carrier rates 

Follow these steps to modify your rates:
1. Navigate to your Shopify admin and then to the Settings panel.
2. Click through to Shipping from the tile grid.
3. Select the shipping zone which you wish to markup and click the edit link.
4. Scroll down to the "Calculated Rates" group and click edit.


5. Add your positive/negative rate adjustments in the desired fields.

Uninstall Application & Canceling Subscription

Shopify makes it very easy for you to cancel apps directly in your Shopify admin by following these steps.

If you have opted in for additional monthly charges to take advantage of Carrier Calculated Shipping, make sure you also reach out to Shopify Support to cancel that subscription.


Get instant support

If something goes wrong with your delivery or you need to make a change to your order, use the Sendle Toolbox on the parcel tracking page.

Access Support Tools
You will need your six-character Sendle reference number.

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