Sendle and fulfilment centres

Sendle is integrated with many fulfilment centres and warehouses all over Australia (in the biz we sometimes call them 3PL or ‘third-party logistics’). 

Our API can easily integrate with most 3PLs – great news if you’re keen to take advantage of our low rates and 100% carbon neutral shipping!

If you’re currently using a 3PL that isn’t yet integrated with Sendle, we recommend requesting it directly from them, using our API documents.

However if you’re looking for a 3PL that is already integrated with Sendle (you little time-saver, you!), check out the following companies:

eCommerce Shipping
eCommerce Shipping offers 3PL services from Sydney and is already integrated with Sendle. 

eCommerce Shipping is perfect for new and established eCommerce stores looking to offer a great Sendle customer experience with speedy deliveries nationwide. 

Get in touch with eCommerce Shipping via email, at

CBIP Logistics
CBIP Logistics
 offers a direct integration with Sendle, with operations based in Sydney & Melbourne. CBIP supports brands operating with >250 orders per month. 

Get in touch with CBIP Logistics via email, at 


Are you a 3PL and interested in learning more about Sendle? 

Get in touch with our business team here.


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