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SendPro Online integration: Connect

Sendle is integrated with SendPro Online, a logistics management platform by Pitney Bowes. Integrating your SendPo Online account with Sendle only takes a few minutes and will allow you to book, track and manage your domestic and international Sendle parcels.

First: Set up your account

Before you begin, you need to have both a Pitney Bowes account and a Sendle account. Lucky it’s easy (and free!) to set them up if you haven’t already:

  • Create a free Sendle account here.
  • Create a free Pitney Bowes account here

Connect SendPro Online with Sendle

Now you have a Sendle account and a Pitney Bowes account, it’s really easy to connect them. 

Generate your Sendle API:

  1. Log in to your Sendle dashboard.
  2.  Click on the Settings tab on your left.
  3.  Click on the Integrations tab at the top .
  4.  Follow the prompts to generate an API key and your Sendle ID.
  5.  Complete the Dangerous Goods declaration on the pickup tab (you’ll need to do this to use Sendle).
  6.  Add a credit card for billing purposes (this is required to make the integration work).

Connect Sendle API to SendPro Online:

  1. Login to your SendPro Online dashboard.
  2. Go to 'Manage Carriers' from the sidebar on the left and click ‘Sendle’.
  3. In the popup, enter your API key and Sendle ID.
  4. Click 'Connect'.
  5. The default service states ‘domestic’ but you can book both domestic and international orders when this is selected.

Now you're connected and ready to quote, book and track your Sendle parcels with SendPro Online!

Regenerating your Sendle API key

To regenerate your Sendle API key, simply click the 'Regenerate API key' button in your Sendle dashboard under 'Settings'.

Heads up: if you click this button, it’ll mean any previous integrations you have with Sendle using the 'old' key will stop working. You'll need to reconnect with the new API key if this is the case.

Questions about integrations?

For business: Want to get the most out of SendPro Online and Sendle? Talk with our business team.

For help: If you’re struggling with the setup of your integration, just reach out to Sendle’s support team.

We've also got some handy info about eCommerce integrations in this article.

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