Sendle for Poshmark

How does it work?

When you sell an item on Poshmark, a Sendle label will be generated for you – as long as your sender location is covered by our network.

Sendle’s door to door service has two collection methods you can choose from prior to label booking confirmation: pickup and drop off.

How does Sendle pickup work?

  1. Select the ‘pickup’ option when creating your label within Poshmark (you’ll be able to select up to three days in the future).
  2. Package your parcel sufficiently (here’s some guidance on packaging).
  3. Print the label in its original form – we can’t accept handwritten labels – and stick it on the parcel (the pickup date will be on there too). For more info about labelling your parcel, pop over here.
  4. Have your parcel ready for the delivery driver on the selected pickup date (the driver will be there anytime between 8am and 6pm but please note - unfortunately we can’t set a specific time and the driver can’t call in advance).

How does Sendle drop off work?

  1. Select the drop off option when creating your label with Poshmark.
  2.  Package your parcel sufficiently (here’s some guidance on packaging).
  3.  Print the label in its original form – we can’t accept handwritten labels and you can’t print it at the drop off location – and stick it on the parcel (the pickup date will be on there too). For more info about labelling your parcel, pop over here.
  4. You can drop off your parcels anywhere in our national drop off network. These are specific locations powered by HUBBED and can include: BP petrol stations, news agencies and pharmacies. Many are open 24/7!

Keep in mind: You can’t drop off a parcel that you have already booked for pickup.  If you change your mind, simply ask Poshmark to cancel the original label before midnight the day before ‘pickup’ and rebook with the ‘drop off’ option (and vice versa).

There's lots more useful info about Sendle's pickup, drop off and delivery here

Parcel size

When you complete a sale, Poshmark will provide you with a label that can be used for any parcel that is up to 2.5kg. Head over here to find out how to upgrade your label. Note: Poshmark does not offer labels for parcels that are over 5kg.

Once your parcel is on its way

How can I track a parcel I’m sending or receiving?

When booking via Poshmark, tracking details are automatically updated in your Poshmark order and  shared with both you and the receiver via email. The Sendle reference number is 6-8 digits (eg. S3NDL3R).

What if there was no pickup or delivery scan?

If the pick-up or delivery scan is missing, Sendle will conduct a thorough investigation to confirm the pick-up and delivery date. Sendle may contact the receiver of the parcel to confirm that it was delivered.

What happens if my parcel is returned to the sender after it was picked up?

The parcel will be returned to the sender’s address on the label.

Will I receive confirmation when I drop off my parcel?

Your Sendle tracking page will update shortly after your parcel is scanned at the drop off location. 

Editing or cancelling an order

Can I make changes to a label that hasn't been shipped yet?

At this stage, you can't edit any details of a label that has already been created. Please visit Poshmark’s Support Centre to learn more about how you can upgrade or make changes to your label (by cancelling and rebooking).

How do I reschedule a pickup?

On Poshmark, go to My Sales > select the order > select Problems / Order Inquiry > select Reschedule Pickup Date. You’ll be taken to Sendle’s tracking page to reschedule your pick up.

Delivery process

All parcels will be delivered as Authority to Leave.

If something goes wrong

It’s uncommon, but sometimes unexpected things happen. In the unlikely event that the delivery process wasn’t smooth, here’s what to do:

If the parcel pickup was missed 

  • Sendle automatically re-books any missed pickups for the following business day.
  • If your pickup was missed and you haven’t added any pickup instructions in the order, we recommend you reach out to us to get those added. 

Delivered parcel can’t be found

Contact Sendle support via your tracking page on the email or your app.

Cover Claims

You will need to contact Poshmark directly regarding a lost or damaged parcel.

Contact Sendle

If you need to get in touch with Sendle’s support team:

  1. Click on the parcel in your Poshmark account.
  2. Use the Sendle tools on the tracking page to contact the Sendle team.


Get instant support with the Sendle Toolbox

If something goes wrong with your delivery or you need to make a change to your order, use the tools in the Manage Parcel section on the parcel tracking page.

Access Support Tools
You will need your Sendle reference number
to access your parcel's tracking page.

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