What notifications do I get with Sendle?

We have a few different methods for getting in touch with you about the Sendle platform or about your parcel’s journey as it travels from sender to receiver. Whether you prefer email, dashboard feed notifications, both or none, you have the power to manage the types of notifications you get from us. 

This article will explain the different types of notifications and how you can edit how often you hear from us.

Parcel and account-related notifications

Dashboard notifications and emails

These are the updates you’ll get from us within your Sendle dashboard. They’ll appear as an orange ‘notification’ on the top right of your dashboard, near your Sendle account picture. Similar to the transactional emails, these will include things like pickup and delivery statuses, as well as parcel investigation announcements. You can manage the types of notifications you want to get within your dashboard (under ‘Settings > Notifications’), as you may want to receive these as emails instead.

‘Transactional’ emails are the kind you’ll get about parcel and tracking updates as well as account information, like billing or password resets. We will often send an email and a dashboard notification if something needs your attention with a parcel delivery: like pickup reminders and delivery statuses, or parcel investigation announcements. While you can’t unsubscribe from these emails, you can manage certain types of correspondence within your dashboard (under ‘Settings > Notifications’).

Tracking page

This is where we post all tracking updates related to your parcel’s movements. We may also leave you notes from our team on the status of pickups, investigations, and deliveries. You’ll be getting dashboard notifications or emails if something requires your attention, but this page is a great tool to share with the receiver so they can keep track of the parcel’s journey too.

General updates

You may see dashboard banner messages appear when there’s pickup or delivery updates from our network team, for your particular area or State. An example of this would be ‘COVID-19 Update’ or ‘Hurricane Laura’, where we’ll keep you up-to-date on any delays, what to expect from your delivery partner, as well as tips on managing your parcel. These will appear for as long as we have network issues, so you can’t unsubscribe from seeing these.

If we have added a new feature or changed an existing one within the Sendle dashboard, we’ll often let you know by triggering a pop-up message. You can easily navigate out of these by clicking the ‘close’ button.

Marketing-related communication

‘Marketing’ emails is where we send you handy information from our small business blog, regular newsletters, and updates from our team. We promise we’ll never spam you, but you can unsubscribe from these ones by hitting the link in the footer of any marketing email.

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