Return labels

Creating return labels is easy. You can create return labels for any parcel you send within Australia, before or after you send it.

You won’t pay for return labels when you create them – they’re only added to your invoice when they’re used.

How to create returns

You can either include return labels in your parcels, or send them out when a customer requests one.

1. Create the label

Create an order or open an existing order, scroll down to Manage Parcel, and click Create a return label.  

This return label is specific to this parcel, and can’t be used for other parcels

2. Include instructions for your customer

When you create your return label you’ll see a link to download a short set of instructions. It’s a good idea to print or email these instructions along with the return label – otherwise your recipient might get confused and pop their parcel in a Post Box (where it will be lost forever…).
Alternatively you can direct them to to find instructions and search for their nearest drop-off locations.


3. Send the label

Include it in the parcel – print the label and instructions, and slip them inside the outgoing parcel for your recipient to find.
If you’ve already sent off the original parcel you can post them separately.

Email it – save the return label and instructions to your computer and email them to your customer. 

4. Wait for the return to be sent

You won’t pay for your return label unless it’s used. The price is added to your invoice when the return is scanned at a Hubbed location.

5. Track the return

Once it's been scanned you'll be able to track the return order (but you won’t see it anywhere in Sendle until it’s been scanned).

The return will appear in your Receiving list, plus original orders are linked to return orders, so you can keep track of what’s being returned to you. You'll see the link under Manage parcel.


How does the customer send the return?

It’s easy – especially if you’ve given them our instructions for how to send a return. But, just so you know, here’s what they need to do once they’ve got a return label:

  1. Repack the parcel and attach the return label securely.
    If they’re reusing the original packaging they need to cover up the original label. 
  2. Drop their return at their closest Hubbed location. They can find drop-off locations by visiting
    It’s important that customers do not drop their parcel in a Post Box. If they do, the parcel is lost.


Are returns covered by Sendle cover or extra cover?

No. We do not offer cover, or Extra Cover, on returns.

Can returns be sent to a different address?

No. Return labels use the sender and recipient addresses from the original parcel, so they will always come back to the address they were sent from.

Can I hide my address for returns?

You can hide your address on labels for outgoing parcels, but your address will always be printed on the return label – otherwise our drivers won’t know where to deliver your parcel.

Can returns be sent express?

Unfortunately, no. Return parcels are delivered at regular speed.

Can return labels be used for other parcels?

We don't recommend it… but as long as the parcel is the same size and weight, and contains nothing prohibited, it’ll be fine. Check What Can’t I Sendle for a list of prohibited items.

For example, if you send out a replacement car radio and your recipient sends back the original faulty radio, you’re golden. 

If they send you back a couple of bricks instead, you’ll get an adjustment charge for the cost of delivering a heavier parcel. 

How long are return labels valid?

Labels are only valid for up to 28 days – so it’s a good idea to give your customers some guidance about how long you’ll accept returns for.

Can I cancel a return?

No. Once you’ve created the label you can’t cancel it.
If your recipient doesn’t use the label, you won’t see the return in your Receiving list. 

The label has been lost, can I create another one?

Unfortunately not. Because of the way our system works, only one label can be used per return. This means if you send two labels and the recipient tries to use both of them, the second label will be rejected when it gets scanned.

Can I create a return for international parcels?

Not at the moment. For now only domestic parcels can be returned.

Can I charge the customer for the cost of the return?

Sure, but not through Sendle. You’ll be invoiced for the return, so you’ll need to pass on the cost directly. There’s no way to have your customer pay postage when they drop off the return. 

How long will it take to arrive?

Depends on the route and the distance! Once the parcel is on its way you’ll be able to track the delivery from your dashboard.

I can’t create a return – what’s going on? 

Sometimes the stars just don’t align. It could be one of the following reasons:

Why does my return label cost more (or less) than my original parcel?

Sometimes the cost of a route is different when your parcel travels it in reverse. This is usually true if the parcel moves through different zones (e.g. remote, regional, city) and is picked up and dropped off by different carriers.

You’ll see the cost of your return label when you create it – and that price won’t change, regardless of whether your customer returns their parcel immediately or two months later.


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