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What is Sendle Express?

Sendle Express is our express delivery option. It’s the same as regular Sendle – but faster.

There are a few important things to know about labels and pickups for express parcels.

Booking a Sendle Express delivery

When you create a parcel that can be sent express, you’ll be able to select express shipping in the How do you want to send your parcel? section.

You’ll see the Sendle Express option when your parcel meets all three of these criteria:

1. Your parcel size is up to 5kg and 20L.

2. Your parcel is being booked for pickup (Sendle Express parcels can’t be dropped off).

3. Your parcel is being delivered within Australia.


To see what Sendle Express parcels cost, check out our pricing page.

We’ve also extended our Price Guarantee to include Sendle Express – it’s cheaper than Express Post, guaranteed! We've put all the official info on the Price Guarantee T&Cs page.


Express gives you the option of same-day pickup when you book before 12pm, and you can also book pickups for future days – same as any other parcel.

When you put your parcels out for pickup, keep your Sendle Express parcels separate from your other Sendle parcels

Express parcels are picked up by different drivers, so keeping them separate stops them from being mixed up.

If you know your regular pickup drivers, don’t be concerned when your express parcels are picked up by someone new. Sendle Express parcels will be picked up by a driver from MailPlus.

You can find a list of pickup suburbs for Express here

Delivery speed

Once your parcel’s been picked up you’ll get 2-day delivery, whether you’re sending it across the city or across the country. 

Delivery areas

Sendle Express can deliver within Australia, including remote suburbs (but not overseas).

Delivery instructions

Sendle Express parcels are all sent with Authority To Leave, by default. Signature on Delivery is not available.

Delivery drivers will still follow regular delivery instructions, like ‘Leave with reception’.


What happens if a parcel can’t be delivered?

If your parcel can’t be delivered on the first attempt, it will be automatically scheduled for redelivery. And if it’s not safe to leave your parcel at its destination, the recipient will be able to pick it up from their nearest Toll collection point.

Can I drop off my Express parcels?

No, Sendle Express parcels can only be picked up. If you need to drop your parcels off, you’ll need to choose another delivery speed.

Is Sendle Express available for international parcels?

No, only domestic parcels are eligible for Sendle Express.

Is Sendle Express cheaper than Express Post?

It sure is! We’ve extended our Price Guarantee to include Sendle Express. Check out all the important and official info on our Price Guarantee T&Cs.

Can I use Sendle Express through the API?

Yes! We have a feature overview page which explains how to use Express through the Sendle API.

I can’t see an ‘Express’ option, what’s gone wrong?

Could be a few things. You’ll only see the express option if all of these are true:

  • You’ve chosen pickup
  • You’re sending within Australia
  • Your parcel size is shoebox, handbag, or briefcase

What can't I send with Express?

We can't ship alcohol with our Express service, because of the mode of transport used (this is because it may include air travel). 


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