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Sending 250g Pouches (Pro accounts only)

No need to pay for air or extra packing materials, and it’s not limited to just documents. Minimum weights got you down? Tired of paying for grams you’re not sending? Our 250g Pouch size is your answer.

You can use your own packaging, and any size works as long as it’s 250g or less and fits in the truck.

How are 250g Pouches different from other sizes?

Only for Pro accounts

Right now, pouches are only available for Pro accounts.

Have a Pro account but can’t see the pouch option? 

Domestic only

You can send pouches anywhere within Australia.

Pick up and delivery

Pickup only: 250g pouches can only be booked for pickup – you can’t drop them off like other parcel sizes. 

Dedicated drivers: The drivers for our pouches are different to the drives for our other sizes – so if you have a regular driver, don't be alarmed when someone new turns up to collect your pouches! 

Authority To Leave: Sendle Pouches are delivered with ATL. Signature on Delivery isn’t available for Pouches, but you can add other delivery instructions like ‘Leave with reception’.

Pickup coverage is different from our regular Sendle network. Check the full list of suburbs with 250g pickup coverage.
Note: The Pouch size is being rolled out to these locations over February and March 2022. If your suburb is on this list you’ll have access to pouches by the end of March.

Packaging and size limits

As long as the total weight is 250g or less, including the packaging, it counts as a Pouch.

Any size works as long as it’s no longer than 1.05m and, as always, you’re free to use your own packaging


The label for your 250g Sendle Pouch won’t say ‘Sendle’ on it, and will feature a ‘Freightster’ logo – making it easy to distinguish between your pouch labels and your other parcel labels.

The return address on the label will be a depot, rather than your address. 


Are pouches eligible for Sendle Cover for loss or damage?

Yep, they sure are. 

Can I book 250g pouches using the API?

You certainly can.

Are there any minimum orders for 250g pouches? 

Nope! You can send a thousand pouches at a time, or just one – it’s up to you.

I can’t see the option for Sendle Pouch, what’s going on?

Firstly, make sure you’re using a Pro account – the pouch size isn’t available for Standard or Premium accounts right now.

Next, make sure you’re using the new order form. Scroll to the top of the order form and look for a blue banner that says 'Switch to the new order form', and click it.

If you still don’t see the Pouch option it might be because it isn’t available for your pickup location yet.

All my pouches were picked up, but my dashboard says only one was – what’s going on?

Sometimes pickup drivers only scan one pouch when they collect a group of them, and the rest are scanned at the depot (otherwise our drivers might spend all day scanning parcels and never manage to deliver any).

So if all your pouches were collected but you can only see tracking info for one of them don’t panic – your parcels are safe with us. If they still haven’t been scanned after 24 hours, let us know and we’ll chase it up for you.

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