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We can’t change your order details once it’s been picked up by the driver and in transit, but we can help you cancel and rebook your order before pickup.

The main reason for this is because the order details (including barcode) are physically printed on the label – and this is what our drivers reference when they deliver the parcel.

We’ve popped more info about it in this article.

How to edit order details before pickup 

If you need to change the details for an order, such as delivery address or driver instructions, the best way to do it is to cancel your order and create a new one. 

To cancel:

  1. Simply head to your dashboard and choose which order you want to cancel.
  2. Scroll to the ‘Manage parcel’ section, and click the cancel button (you won’t be charged for cancelled orders).
  3. Rebook the order with the updated details.

Heads up: You can cancel an order free of charge directly from your account up until the day of pickup.

How to edit driver pickup instructions

If the driver tried to collect the parcel but was unable to, you can rebook a pickup using your Sendle Toolbox. If the pickup instructions need to be updated, you can do it in there too, at the same time (for example: you would like them to pick up your parcel at reception, not the white table near the door). 

If there’s a problem with the delivery address 

If there was a problem with the delivery address and the courier couldn’t deliver it, you’ll get a notification on your Sendle dashboard. 

This article will explain what to do if that happens. 

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Get instant support with the Sendle Toolbox

If something goes wrong with your delivery or you need to make a change to your order, use the tools in the Manage Parcel section on the parcel tracking page.

Access Support Tools
You will need your Sendle reference number
to access your parcel's tracking page.

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