Sendle drop off explained

It can be tricky to organize a day where you’ll be home to wait for a courier to pick up your parcel. But what if we told you… you could take your parcel to a drop off location when it's convenient for you, allowing more flexibility in your day? Game-changer.  


With Sendle, you can drop off your parcels when and where you like from our national network of over 550 drop off locations, which includes places like convenience stores and packaging centres.

Here’s why it’s cool:

  • Fits in with your busy schedule
  • Drop off the same day you book
  • Extended opening hours (some drop off locations may be open later!)
  • It doesn’t cost you any extra $$

How to book the Sendle drop off service:

  1. Fill out your contact info and parcel details as per usual.
  2. Select ‘I'll drop it off’ under the section 'How do you want to send your parcel?'
  3. Print off your label and attach it to your parcel.
  4. Drop the parcel off at any one of the locations in the delivery network (there’s over 550 of them!) – check the location map. To help you out, we pop the info for the closest one to your address on the order form.
  5. Then it’ll be scanned and accepted into the system, where you can track it from your dashboard.


Have more questions about Sendle’s drop-off function?

No worries. We’ll do our best to answer some of the most common questions below:

Can I drop off my parcel at any depot?

No, our drop-off locations are powered by PUDO – a network of markets, retail and convenience stores, and even packaging centres, who will accept Sendle parcels to be picked up from there.

What is a Sendle drop off location?

A national network of over 550 parcel drop off locations across Canada, including convenience stores or packaging centres.

Do I need to tell the people at the drop off location that it’s a Sendle parcel?

Because we’re still new(ish) in Canada, not all drop off locations will recognise the Sendle brand name yet. So for clarity, we recommend checking the carrier logo on the Sendle label, and using that brand name when talking to the people working at the drop off locations. 

For example, if you’re dropping off a Sendle parcel with a Canpar-branded logo on the label, say Canpar will be collecting this parcel from the drop off location.

Do I have to drop off at my closest location?

It is possible that you have many nearby drop off locations, so to allow flexibility in your schedule, you can drop them where it suits you best, even if it’s not the very closest location to your address. Check out our drop off location map to find your best drop off location. 

My local drop off location was closed when I arrived.

We’ll help you sort it out. You can find a different location using the drop off map.

Are there limitations on the size or type of parcels I can drop off?

Yes, drop-off locations can accept any parcels up to Sendle's maximum sizes (if you’re entering a custom size, that’s 30kg and 150L). If you’re using Sendle’s Common Sizes, that’s the 'Carry-on' (up to 20kg and 100L). Additionally, the longest side of any parcel cannot be bigger than 1.2m. However, if you’re sending a lot of parcels or really heavy parcels, pickup may be an easier option for handling.

What do I do if I have more than one parcel to drop off?

If you have an order that contains multiple packages, you will need to create separate labels for each parcel. This will ensure every parcel can be scanned and tracked (duplicate or previously used labels will be rejected at drop off locations).

Can someone else drop off my parcel?

Sure, anyone can drop off a parcel that has been booked for drop off.

I do not have a printer to print my label, can I print it at the drop off location?

No, drop off locations don’t have the ability to print off labels for you, and will not accept parcels without a label displaying the barcode for scanning. 

I’ve run out of packaging, do the drop off locations supply packaging?

At this stage, our drop off locations don’t stock packaging, but you can pick some up from your local office supply stores or online.

My Sendle parcel pickup was missed, can I drop it off?

Unfortunately not. We can only accept parcels that have been booked as drop off parcels. If you'd like to drop it off instead, cancel your Sendle order before pickup (it gets refunded automatically) and create a new one. And don’t forget to remove the old label and attach the new label to the parcel!

Can I drop off any Sendle parcel at a drop off location?

Only parcels that have been booked via the order form as a drop off parcel can be accepted at drop off locations.

Can I drop off a parcel going to the U.S.?

Yep! Our drop off locations will accept parcels travelling from Canada to the U.S.

Can I use drop off with the CSV batch upload tool or with other shipping platforms?

You sure can! When you create a csv to upload for your batch order, don’t include a pickup date and the order will automatically book as a drop off instead.

Is drop off available via Sendle API?

Yep, it is! You can read more about our API here

Can I order drop off parcels with the Sendle dashboard integrations (like Shopify or eBay)?

Yes! The Sendle dashboard integrations can book drop off parcels if you are in a location that can access the drop off network. 

What happens if my parcel is returned to sender after I have dropped it off?

The parcel will be returned to the sender's address on the label.

How far in advance can I book a parcel for drop off? 

You can book a drop off parcel 3 days in advance, the same as booking a pickup.

What if drop off is unavailable in my area?

We’re always looking to expand our network, so hopefully it won’t be unavailable for long! The best way to check if there’s another drop off location near you is to keep an eye on the drop off map. If there’s nothing suitable there, you may be better off booking your parcel for pickup instead. 

Will I receive a confirmation when I drop off my parcel?

Your Sendle tracking page will usually get its first update when the parcel is scanned at the first sorting facility (if not before). 


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