WooCommerce integration: Troubleshooting

If you’re running into some problems with your WooCommerce integration, there’s no need to worry. 

Below, we’ve got some simple troubleshooting steps that cover the most common issues with connecting Sendle and WooCommerce. 

Do you have the latest version?

This integration only supports WooCommerce version 3.0 or later and WordPress version 4.4 or later. Here’s a quick guide to updating your WooCommerce plug-in. Click here to update your WordPress to the version supported by this integration.

Getting an error (404) message?

In order to connect your WooCommerce and Sendle accounts properly, you'll need to use your WooCommerce Store URL. Make sure you are using the "clean" version of your store URL. (For example: organicteas.com not organicteas.com/shop)

Make sure you’re HTTPS configured

The WooCommerce integration will only work for WooCommerce stores properly configured for HTTPS (which means your customers can access your store via “https://”). Jump over here if you’d like to learn how to configure HTTPS for your WooCommerce store or read WooCommerce’s SSL FAQ for an in-depth understanding of all the technical stuff.

Explaining the ‘Processing’ order status

We only show orders that are ‘Processing’, because they are the orders still waiting to be fulfilled. That means if any orders in your WooCommerce store are marked as ‘Completed’ (or any other status) they will not show up in the Sendle integration with WooCommerce. There are some plugins that automate the order from ‘Processing’ to ‘Completed’ upon purchase. However, this means that orders will never appear in your Sendle dashboard.  

If you’re getting this error message: Missing parameter app_name

This problem shows up because the server where you deployed WooCommerce and Wordpress is not reading query string vars. 

If you’re getting a timeout error: "Uh-oh. There was an error"

This could be because the server you are attempting to connect from is not as fast as required by Sendle and WooCommerce. It's called a timeout issue and it’s nothing to worry about! Just try again a bit later, or from a different computer.

Firewall blocking?

If you have a firewall in place, it might be blocking the connection of this integration. Often your web developer can help you sort this out. 

API blockers

If you try and connect but are pulled back to the beginning each time, it could be because there’s a plugin installed that blocks API (for example Wordfence). These plugins will prevent Sendle’s dashboard integration with WooCommerce.

More about the WooCommerce and Sendle integration

Something else troubling you?

If you still can't connect or are having issues with your WooCommerce and Sendle integration, let our Support team know (remember to include as much information as possible, including relevant screenshots).

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