The label isn’t scanning

It’s pickup day and you’re excited about sending your parcel out into the world. You’ve followed our labeling and packaging guidelines to a T, so everything should be smooth. Right? 

But, no. The label isn’t scanning when the driver arrives to pick it up. Now, what?

If you’ve labeled your parcel correctly but it doesn’t scan, this article will help you figure out what’s wrong.

First off, check to see if:

  • The printer’s head is dirty or damaged. If so, try cleaning the printer and reprint the label.
  •  The barcode has been resized by accident. Check your printer settings (making sure the label is not resized) and reprint the label.
  •  The barcode is smudged or damaged. In this case, you’ll definitely need to reprint the label.
  •  The order has been canceled. No problem, just log in to your dashboard, rebook the shipment, and print a new label.
  •  The driver’s scanner is broken. If this is the case, the driver will usually still take the parcel and the tracking will update once it gets scanned at the delivery hub. 

The good news is that if your parcel does not scan, the driver will still usually take the parcel. But, you may not get any tracking updates if the problem is not due to a faulty scanner. 

That’s why it’s still worth trying the troubleshooting options above. The driver may refuse to take the parcel until the problem is resolved (and it’s at their discretion).

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