Does Sendle have a fuel surcharge?

Yep – parcel delivery relies heavily on the production, availability and price of fuel. And like any business, unfortunately we’re not immune to inflated fuel costs. 

The surcharge will be reviewed twice a month, meaning it may go up, down, stay the same or be removed entirely.

How is the fuel surcharge calculated?

The fuel surcharge is calculated using the formula: Base price + surcharge + taxes = TOTAL

There’s a handy real-life example on our fuel surcharge page too.

Will I see it on the order form?

In the Sendle dashboard, you’ll see the fuel surcharge as a line item in your Order Summary when you send a parcel. If you’re using an eCommerce integration to send with us, the surcharge will be included in your total shipping cost. 

What is the fuel surcharge right now?

The easiest way to stay up-to-date on the fuel surcharge is by checking out the rate table on our fuel surcharge page – this is updated on the first Monday of the month.

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