Why is my parcel being returned to me?

So, you’re shipping a parcel and the tracking status says “Return to Sender”. What exactly does that mean for you?

This article will explain what this tracking status means and what you can do if it appears on your dashboard. 

Your item may have been returned to the sender if: 

  • Some of the address or delivery details you used when you scheduled the delivery were wrong or incomplete.
  • Our driver attempted to deliver the parcel and left a notification card, but redelivery was not requested.

If any of the above occurs, we will:

  • Update the tracking information (you can access this via your Sendle dashboard).
  • Let you know that the shipment is being returned to you.

Keep in mind: once a parcel has been scanned as “Return to Sender,” we are unable to redirect or intercept the parcel.

What happens next:

  • The tracking events will show you where the package is. It might take a while to return all the way to you
  • You will need to book a new label if you need to ship the package again

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