Shopify integration

This feature is currently in the testing phase. We are not accepting additional beta testers, but please contact Sendle HQ to register your interest.

With Sendle you can connect your Shopify store and create orders directly from your sales.

Connect my store:

  1. Sign up for a Sendle account
  2. Log in securely to your Shopify account in the Shopify tab on your Sendle dashboard
  3. Sendle will import and sync all of your Shopify sales that have been paid for. Sendle will not import sales with payment pending

Send a parcel:

  1. Open the Shopify tab on your Sendle dashboard
  2. Click "Send parcel" next to the Shopify sale that you want to turn into a Sendle order
  3. Your order will pre-fill will the shipping and sales information. Simply check the details and select a parcel size
  4. Click "Create order" and confirm the booking
  5. Print your label
  6. Tracking information for each order will be transferred across to your Shopify store
  7. You will also see your orders in the Sending dashboard


Disconnect my Shopify store:

  1. You can disconnect and reconnect at any time. Simply click "disconnect my Shopify store" from the Shopify tab in your dashboard
  2. Disconnecting will not cancel any Sendle orders that have already been booked

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