International tracking - I’m the receiver

Hallo, hola, bonjour, nǐ hǎo, salut, jambo! Here’s how to track your parcel if you’re the receiver.

Notification emails

All parcels sent with Sendle get tracking included for free.

If the sender of your parcel included your email address with the booking, we’ll send updates on your parcel’s progress straight to your inbox.

Get a tracking link

If you aren't getting tracking email notifications:

  • Ask the sender to give you the 6-digit alpha numeric tracking code - e.g. S3NDLE

If tracking hasn’t updated

In some cases, the postal authority for your country may not have full tracking capabilities. This means that the tracking will not update after it has left Australia.

If your item has not arrived within 2 business days from the last day of the ETA window, please contact your local postal authority to check on its whereabouts.

If the routing looks strange

Our international delivery partners will always optimise the route of a parcel to its destination country, even if this sometimes means a few interesting stopovers along the way. In fact, many parcels won’t have a one-way ticket from point Australia to point B, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t still moved quickly and efficiently.

It’s very common in global logistics, and it’s nothing to worry about. If you’d like to better understand how international routing works, have a look at our routing article.

Customs delay

If your dashboard tracking page shows that your parcel is ‘Held in Customs’, you will need to wait until your local customs authority contacts you to obtain the additional information they need to clear your parcel.

If you haven’t been contacted by your local customs agency within 7 business days after that scanning event appeared, you should contact them directly to enquire about its status.

It could be held because:

  • The local customs authority needs to better understand what is in your parcel, and what you intend to use it for
  • The parcel is considered high-value, and so an import duty needs to be paid for it.


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