International parcel pickups

Sendle is a door-to-door international delivery service, with low, flat-rates and no minimum order quantities. Read on to understand how international pickups work with Sendle.

How do international pickups work?

When you book an international parcel with Sendle, a PDF label with all of your unique booking details will immediately be generated.

You’ll need to print out this label (from a normal printer is fine), and attach it securely to your parcel, ensuring that all of the label details are clearly showing.

Please ensure that you separate your domestic and international parcels - different couriers will be collecting them.

Collections can occur from 8am-4pm, so it’s important to have your parcel ready during those hours. Please note that you will need to present your ID for your first 3 pickups.

Known versus unknown senders

On your first 3 pickups, you will need to show your driver some valid photo ID matching the sender details on the label.

There are security regulations around sending parcels overseas, meaning that we're required to identify you as a known sender for security purposes.

After 3 pickups, the driver will no longer need to see any photo ID from you - because you will, by then, be considered a known sender.

Once you're a known sender, you must still leave your parcels in a secure location for a collection where someone must be present during pickup.

No lengthy customs declarations are required when using Sendle. Hooray!

If you don't have valid photo ID

If you don't have valid photo ID when the driver comes passed, or your details don't match those of the sender on the label, our Support team can advise you on what to do.

They are contactable here by quoting your Order Reference Number and the nature of your enquiry.

How to package

Our packaging guidelines are a great resource for how to package parcels, especially those that might be considered fragile.

In addition, please ensure that your parcel is well sealed, with the lid firmly closed. Your parcel probably has a long way to go, so you want to ensure the contents are snug for their journey. 

Note: Transparent packaging is not allowed for international parcels. Any parcel wrapped in transparent packaging will not be collected. In the event of a parcel not meeting our packaging guidelines is picked up, it will be returned to the sender.

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