Neto integration

Sendle is fully integrated with Neto, providing your online business with a low cost, flat-rate shipping service. It can be set up within a few clicks, meaning you can get started instantly.

How to get started

Sendle can be set up and managed directly from your Neto store.

Don't yet have a Neto store? Click here. They offer a 14-day free trial.

Once you're in your Neto Control Panel, please follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to "Shipping" on the left side menu
  • Select "Sendle" from the list
  • Choose a plan that suits your needs (Premium for up to 200 parcels per month, or apply for better rates if you're sending more than 200 parcels per month)
  • Follow the setup steps by accepting to the Dangerous Goods Declaration and Terms & Conditions
  • You will be billed by Neto directly, so make sure your Neto billing details are up to date
  • Confirm your address (or addresses if you use multiple warehouses)
  • Press the "Complete Setup" button
  • Then, click 'edit services/rates' to ensure you pop in '25kg' as maximum weight


If you already have a Sendle account, make sure that your Neto account email and your Sendle account email matches so you get full access to detailed shipping overview. 

Integration perks

- Free Sendle Premium for life with no minimum requirements (usually minimum 5 per week on average over an 8 week period)

- Free Neto Ship add-on for Sendle (valued at $49/month) 

- Real-time quoting 

Enquiries about the Sendle-for-Neto integration

If you'd like to speak to our small business team on how Sendle makes sending a breeze, please click here.

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