How to download a SCAN Form

Manifests are used by businesses and shipping providers to efficiently ship a large number of packages, using just one barcode.

At Sendle, we currently have one type of manifest – USPS Scan Forms. These can be generated from the ‘Manifests’ tab in your Sendle dashboard.

This article will show you how to generate, download and use SCAN Forms when you ship lots of packages with Sendle (you probably don't need one if you're just shipping one or two at a time!).

How do I get a SCAN Form?

When you use SCAN Forms with Sendle, it simplifies the process of scanning and submitting USPS packages for delivery throughout the United States. 

You can create as many SCAN Forms as you need, however an order can only appear on one SCAN Form.


A short video showing the process to create and download a USPS SCAN Form

How to generate a SCAN Form

  1. Go to ‘Manifests’ in your Sendle dashboard navigation. This is where all SCAN Forms will be housed.
  2. Use the ‘New manifest’ button to create a new manifest with open USPS orders. These are orders that you have booked that day, and have not yet been picked up or dropped off to the USPS. If the button is greyed out, it means there are no open USPS orders and you can’t create a manifest at this stage.
  3. To create a manifest for all open USPS orders: Click ‘Manifest all orders’. We’ll automatically create a manifest for your open USPS orders (if you have any orders with different sender addresses we’ll automatically separate them into two manifests). Filtered orders: From the ‘Manifest orders’ screen you can filter your USPS orders by pickup or drop off, or select specific orders to add to a manifest. Then click ‘Manifest orders’. The number of orders in each manifest is under ‘Order count’.
  4. The last step is to download your manifest in PDF format so it can be printed and handed to the USPS pickup driver or when you drop off your orders at the Post Office. Sometimes multiple pages will need to be printed – please print all documents generated and hand all to your driver for scanning.

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • SCAN Forms can only be created for orders booked for pickup or drop off the same day. For this reason, we recommend generating and printing your SCAN Form at the end of each day.
  • Once a SCAN Form has been created, you won’t be able to add any more orders to it and instead, you’ll need to create a new one for any additional orders.
  • At this stage, if you have a mix of pickup or drop off, you need to create two manifests. You can do this by following the filtered orders process in Step 2. We’re working on improving this, though!
  • At the moment, we are only able to include 1,000 orders per single manifest. If you have more than this to send in one shipment, you can easily generate an additional manifest.
  • SCAN Forms can't be generated for international orders.
  • We’ve created individual Manifest IDs for each SCAN Form so that you can refer to it if you need to contact support about an order included in your SCAN Form. These are indicated on the ‘Manifests’ screen in your dashboard.


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