Locations & Coverage

Get a deeper knowledge of Sendle's network and coverage, and understand how your business can benefit. Below are downloadable files of the suburbs and postcodes that Sendle services, split by the national and remote pricing tiers.

Sendle is a national flat-rate network

Sendle's national flat-pricing covers almost 90% of households. For locations that can't be serviced by national flat-rates, Sendle offers a remote pricing tier.

Get a quick quote for a single delivery from your dashboard, or contact the business team for a bulk quote: business@sendle.com

Pickup suburbs

Here is the current list of suburbs Sendle can pickup from:

Delivery suburbs

Below are two lists of locations Sendle can deliver to. To make life simple for you, these are split by pricing tiers.

If your suburb or location is not currently serviced by Sendle, please let us know.

You can use these to build in prices for your online store (though the Sendle API may be more use long-term).
For more information we recommend you get a quote on your dashboard.

Note: Please note that these lists are CSV files and cannot be opened on some devices (Chrome on Android specifically has reported issues).

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