Sending parcels for your business is simple using Sendle. There are 3 plans to choose from, each with 3 pricing tiers and 5 sending sizes. Plans and prices are available on the Sendle pricing page.

Plans available:

  1. Easy: No contracts, minimum order quantities or hidden fees. This free account is best if you send parcels infrequently. Try Sendle Easy here
  2. Premium: No contracts, minimum order quantities or hidden fees. The Premium Plan is best for small businesses sending upwards of 10 parcels per month. Premium costs $10 per month discounts Easy prices by up to $1 per delivery. Ask about Sendle Premium by contacting the business team
  3. Pro: No contracts or hidden fees. Sendle Pro is available if you send over 200 parcels per month. Ask about Sendle Pro by contacting the business team

Sendle has simple national flat rate pricing starting as low as $5.59 for 25kg. Current pricing is listed on the Sendle pricing page.

Pricing Tiers:

  • Same City
  • National (Capital Cities and Regional Centres)
  • Remote

You can always use the quote tool on your dashboard or check delivery prices via the order page before you book or check out our Locations and Coverage page for downloadable lists of our pickup and delivery suburbs.

Occasionally a Remote Area Surcharge may be necessary for parcels travelling long distances. This includes:

  • Sending to Regional NT
  • Sending to Regional TAS from QLD, SA and WA 
  • Sending to Regional WA from QLD 
  • Sending to Regional QLD from WA

This could affect a same city, national or remote area.

Prices are inclusive of GST, fuel levies, freight charges and all other charges. In other words when you get a quote, this price is the price.

Sending sizes:

There are 5 standard Sendle sizes: shoebox (2kg/8L), briefcase (5kg/20L), carry-on (10kg/40L) and check-in (25kg/100L). To fit in a size, both the volume AND weight must be under the limits for that size. There is also a 500g A4 satchel available - more information available here

To get a quote or check the prices from your suburb use the quote tool your Sendle dashboard - this takes 30 seconds. All you need is the dimensions of your parcel and the delivery suburb.

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