Can the parcel I’m sending be left unattended?

If no one will be at the delivery address when the parcel is scheduled for delivery, you can give the driver permission to leave the parcel unattended. 

This article will explain more about Authority to Leave.

What is Authority to Leave?

When you give Sendle 'Authority to Leave' (ATL), you’re giving the delivery driver permission to leave the parcel at the receiver's address without a signature (as long as it’s safe to do so). 

How to give authority to leave

You can only give the authority to leave instruction when you’re creating the original Sendle booking––as this is the only way we can guarantee the driver will see it. Just choose ‘Authority to leave’ from the drop down list of popular delivery instructions.

Unfortunately, the system doesn’t allow changes to the delivery instructions once the parcel has been picked up. 

If there’s a problem with the delivery address, these articles will cover what to do if the driver can’t deliver or the receiver can’t find the parcel once it’s been delivered.

The benefits

The benefit of delivering parcels with Authority to Leave is that the parcel will almost always be delivered on the first attempt. This means that the receiver doesn't have to schedule redelivery if they are unable to be at the delivery address when their parcel arrives.

Free signature on delivery

Sendle includes the option to get a free signature on delivery for all parcel sizes above 1 lb. As 0.5 lb envelopes typically fit into mailboxes, you cannot opt for a signature on delivery for this size (you can get around this by booking your 0.5 lb envelopes as a 1 lb pouch).

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