Sending my first parcel

Sending parcels with Sendle is super easy. You can get quotes, book deliveries, and print labels straight from your dashboard. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to sending your first parcel with Sendle, once you have created an account. 

(Haven’t done that yet? No problem—head to and hit ‘Get started’. We’ll be waiting for you back here.)

Sending your first parcel

1. Open up your dashboard and click 'Send a parcel' below 'Welcome to your Sendle account!'

2. You will then get a prompt to fill in your pickup address and contact details. This information will be saved in your account settings to make future shipments much faster (but you can change it on the fly if you need to). Don’t forget to include any relevant pickup instructions for the pickup driver!


3. Then you’ll need to pick the right parcel size and weight for your delivery. If you’re unsure about your parcel size and weight, you can use our calculator on the order page.


4. Use our quote tool to estimate delivery costs to your delivery destination. Once you’re happy with it, enter the delivery information. Clear delivery instructions are the best way of preventing anything from getting in the way of a fast and easy delivery (many of our customers give the delivery driver 'Authority to Leave' the parcel somewhere safe).

5. Then choose a pickup date for your parcel (the earliest pickup option is the next day).


6. Tap 'Create order' to review your order, address details and parcel size. 

7. You'll then be prompted to complete your payment information. This will need to be a credit or debit card. Your payment will be charged the following Monday. 

8. Once your card details are successfully added to the order, you can confirm the order. 

9. You’ll be directed to your dashboard to download and print the label for your parcel (make sure you don’t resize or shrink it!). Then you can easily track it while it’s in transit.


Pack it up

Now it’s time to safely pack your shipment and attach the label so the pickup driver can easily identify it (and so that we can track the parcel each step along its journey).

Yay, it’s pickup day!

  1. Make sure your parcel is left as per the pickup instructions (we can’t guarantee the driver will get any last-minute updates as they’ll be on the road!).
  2. The pickup driver will add your pickup to their route for that day (drivers pick up all their parcels and then take them back to their hub for sorting and delivery).
  3. You’ll be able to track all your deliveries in your dashboard. We’ve made it easy to manage your parcel in your Sendle Toolbox.

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