Sending my first parcel

Sending parcels with Sendle is super easy. You can get quotes, book shipments, and print labels straight from your dashboard. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to sending your first parcel with Sendle, once you have created an account. 

(Haven’t done that yet? No problem—head to and hit ‘Get started’. We’ll be waiting for you back here.)

Sending your first parcel

1. Open up your dashboard and click 'Send my first parcel' below 'Welcome to Sendle!'

2. This will prompt you to fill in your contact info and pickup address. This information will be saved in your account settings to make future bookings much faster (but you can change it on the fly if you need to). Don’t forget to include any relevant pickup instructions for the pickup driver and tick the box so we know you aren't sending any dangerous goods!


3. Then you can tell us who you're sending to, and fill out the right size and weight for your delivery (or choose a common size if it suits your needs). Just make sure you account for all the dimensions of your outer packaging to avoid adjustment charges (we've put even more info on parcel size and weight in this article).

Good news: once you enter your custom measurements, you can save it to your account as a 'saved size'.

4. Fill out the rest of the delivery information, then check your package pickup or drop off info.

5. Select 'Create order' to review your order, address details and package size. 

6. You'll then be prompted to complete your payment information. This will need to be a credit or debit card, and your payment will be charged on Sunday. 

6. Once your card details are successfully added to the order, you can confirm the order. 

7. You’ll be directed to your dashboard to download and print the label for your parcel (make sure you don’t resize or shrink it!). Then you can easily track it while it’s in transit. 


Pack it up

Now it’s time to safely pack your shipment and attach the label so the driver can easily identify it (and so that we can track the parcel each step along its journey).

Yay, it’s the big day!

  1. Make sure your packages are ready for drop off or pickup.
  2. If you've booked your parcels for drop off: gather your packages and drop them off at your nearest drop off point. We’ll provide you with drop off instructions when you book your delivery
    If you've booked your parcels for pickup: place your packages neatly at your front door, or wherever you've indicated in your pickup instructions. If you have multiple packages with different carriers listed on the labels (for instance, USPS), keep these clearly separated for the different pickup drivers.

You’ll be able to track all your deliveries in your dashboard, and we’ve made it easy to manage your parcel in your Sendle Toolbox. Just keep in mind that orders can't be canceled or changed once they have been collected by the driver, or if it's been more than 28 days after the order was placed.


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If something goes wrong with your delivery or you need to make a change to your order, use the tools in the Manage Parcel section on the parcel tracking page.

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