Track my parcel

All parcels sent with Sendle get tracking included for free. Below are further details on how you can track your parcels. 

Include email addresses when you book

When you book a delivery with Sendle, you will be asked to include important information. For tracking to be effective, it's important for you to include the email address of the receiver of your parcel. 

If you include their email, they will typically receive two tracking updates by email:

  1. When your parcel is picked up
  2. When your parcel is delivered

They will also receive notifications of any other important information such as redelivery notifications if the receiver wasn't available to receive the parcels.

All emails will include an encrypted link to more detailed tracking information.

If you're sending a parcel

All of your tracking information is also available on your dashboard. Tap into an order to get a more detailed version, or see the overview.

You can also access the tracking link the customer receives for each order from your dashboard.

Tip: You can brand the tracking emails that your recipient receives, just by adding your logo or picture to your account.

If you're receiving a parcel

If you are receiving a parcel you will receive an email with a tracking link, a confirmation of your delivery address and instructions, and a delivery estimate. If you are already signed up to Sendle, you can also see this in your dashboard.

If your delivery is delayed

If you need help tracking your parcel, or you are concerned that the delivery is delayed, please read this article for more information

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