The hub and spoke delivery model

Sendle uses "hub and spoke" carriers instead of singular point-to-point route carriers.

It’s more like parcels taking public transport instead of each one getting in their own car and driving across town (or, the country). The hub and spoke system is much more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than the alternative. That’s exactly why we do it this way.

How it works

What this ‘hub and spoke’ delivery model looks like in action: 

  1. Parcels are picked up by a driver (on their regular route).
  2. They are taken back to the delivery hub.
  3. Then, they’re all are sorted and loaded to travel between hubs overnight (if intercity).
  4. Finally, they’re loaded for delivery in the local area during the driver's normal route.

It’s a much more efficient system for you because you get a regular driver coming right to your door and better for the environment since there are fewer cars on the road.

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