Pickup and delivery explained

Sendle collects your parcel directly from your door—no waiting in line and no wasted time! Great news for busy business owners.

This article will explain how pickup and delivery work with Sendle.

How pickups work

  • When you book with Sendle, you can select your preferred pickup day (the earliest we can collect is the following business day).
  • We’ll send the pickup request to the driver's scanner with all the information you’ve provided (you can select up to three days ahead).
  • On pickup day, the driver will add your pickup to their route for that day.
  • For your first shipment, you will need to enter your pickup address and provide pickup instructions to help the driver find you or your parcel when they arrive.
  • We’ll save this information for future pickups, but you can always change it on-the-fly if you need to.


  • Once the parcel is picked up, it makes its way through the network using a ‘hub and spoke’ delivery model (more on that here) to get to its final destination.
  • The delivery driver will follow the instructions on the parcel to complete the delivery.
  • When the parcel is scanned as delivered, the sender will receive a notification by email (you can also rate your experience so we can make our service better every time).

Manage your parcel along the way

The easiest way to manage the parcel from pickup to delivery is to use the Sendle Toolbox (this is a set of tools available in your dashboard). 

Here’s why it’s great: 

  • No need to type us out an email and wait for a response.
  • It was designed as a quick and easy way for you to manage the delivery, like pickup instructions, rescheduling, or parcel investigations.
  • The tools are also available for the receiver if you have included the email address of your customer in the booking.

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